AirGen Inc. opened the doors to their operation in May 2010 in Odessa, Texas. By business standards, the company would be considered in their infancy stage. Instead of baby steps, they were able to hit the ground running, thanks in part to over 30 years of experience in the compressed air and generator business between Aaron McGuire, president and founder, and Craig Coppedge, vice president.

Pictures 13437The company quickly gained traction and made a name for themselves as a full-service provider in the oil and gas, sandblasting, manufacturing, food processing, dry cleaning, and farm and ranch industries. The distributor caters to service providers for the power generation and compressed air markets. Their clientele in portable power includes anyone working in submersible wells to trailer houses out on rig locations, while their compressor side includes pipeline and sandblasting customers.

Equipment buying decisions are never easy, but guided by their years of experience in portable energy, McGuire and Coppedge coordinated their efforts to combine all equipment aspects – from tools to portable compressors, light towers and generators. They did their due diligence before making any decisions, spending countless hours of research online to find the right fit. Chicago Pneumatic’s business model wound up being the ultimate deciding factor and proved to be a natural fit for their company. McGuire and Coppedge had previously worked together before AirGen and had nearly the same exact business model with the range of products offered by the company. They felt everything was there for them to succeed, so they flew to the CP factories to see both the industrial compressor products and portable energy products.

“Once we came across Chicago Pneumatic’s business model, it was really an easy decision for us,” Coppedge said. “It became a great fit for us from both an industrial and portable side. It was the right decision for us, and as a full line distributor of CP, it has been nothing but the best. Our relationship with all of our vendors and marketing managers has been absolutely outstanding.”

As a company, AirGen has a far and wide reach, providing parts and equipment domestically and internationally. They mainly service the West Texas area, which includes the Texas Panhandle and Southeastern New Mexico. Committed to being a distinguished leader in CP compressed air and generator products, the company is not limited on solutions, nor are they limited to only air and power products. They also feature power tools, handheld tools, paving breakers, light towers and more. But, there’s no doubt that compressed air and generators are AirGen’s bread and butter.

With such a wide variety of air compressors and generators, AirGen has positioned themselves as the market leader in air and power in West Texas. For air compressors, AirGen offers reciprocating compressors, rotary screw compressors, and portable compressors. The reciprocating compressor lineup includes single-stage electric compressors, two-stage compressors and contractor series compressors. The rotary screw compressors include belt drive, gear drive and variable speed drive. For portable compressors AirGen offers small, medium and large, as well as utility-mounted units. The portable generator lineup features generators from 20 hp up to their biggest model at 120 hp.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 5.00.26 PM“Our customers have realized from a power generation side of our business that CP’s products deliver on promises,” Coppedge said. “They feel the product that they are being sold truly does give out what it says it will do. We have had other units that our customers have picked up, and it says it’s the same machine in power terms as the CP unit, but it doesn’t have the capabilities that CP machines have been able to provide. It’s tried and true all the way through – the machines simply live up to their promises.”

AirGen has converted many customers over the last few years to the CP line of air and power solutions and are seeing results across the board.

“One of our clients is an avid generator customer for us at AirGen, and I had worked with them for a long time with a different generator line before I came to work here,” said Coppedge. “They have a fleet of 50 generators, and we are gradually converting his entire line to all Chicago Pneumatic generators. They have been incredibly pleased with the equipment and warranty claims have been minimal. So many other brands do not have the ability or containment CP’s equipment does, and that’s a major reason CP products are out on a lot of jobs, especially in the oil and gas industry.”

Over the few years AirGen has been around, they have grown immensely. Their growth has allowed them to acquire a John Deere OEM engine distributorship, which was a huge undertaking for the company. Chicago Pneumatic utilizes John Deere in their equipment and, with the new acquisition, AirGen is able to take care of the CP machines in their entirety. Not only can they provide diagnostics for the CP equipment, but the internal portion of the CP products as well. This allows them to take care of all their customers’ needs versus sending the customer somewhere else to get the engine serviced.

Only going into year five of the business, there are several reasons why AirGen is seeing results and having a great deal of success. They have a great location, high demand for the equipment, and with the new John Deere OEM acquisition, they now have the ability to take complete care of the customer. But, above everything else, when you have management that knows exactly what they want and can back it up with a wealth of knowledge on their products, and do everything in their power to help out their biggest advocates, the customers, things seem to align in the right direction. For AirGen, that direction is ascending, year after year.