CPS 185JD Hits King Equipment Rental Showroom Floor



Joe King with King Equipment Rental has had his first Chicago Pneumatic air compressor at his facility since late last year, and his customers have already gotten plenty of use out of the popular 185 cfm model, the CPS 185JD. Primarily used for irrigation line blowout projects so far, the landscape contractors that King Equipment Rental serves have made good use of the new product offering.


In addition to landscape and irrigation contractors, King’s clientele consists of general construction, demolition, and municipal contractors in Henderson county, North Carolina and surrounding areas.


King Hardware Company was established back in 1925 by Joe King’s grandparents. It was passed on to his parents and his aunts, and Joe was next in line to the King throne, so to speak. Since 1983, Joe helped his family keep the doors open. Well versed in economics (In fact, Joe has an economics degree and taught economics before coming home to run the family business), he identified a need for an equipment rental store in Henderson County, and transformed what used to be primarily a hardware store to a full-blown equipment rental facility. “A lot of customers would come in and ask for equipment, and until we took on some no-kidding equipment lines, the need was not being met,” explains King. “It was not a hard decision to diversify our offering.”



In regards to the CPS 185JD, King is very pleased with its performance so far, and expects great things from the unit as we approach construction season. “The CPS 185JD has already been a useful piece of machinery for my customers,” explains King. “The 185 cfm unit is an extremely versatile unit, and the fact that it’s backed up by the Chicago Pneumatic name means a lot to me.” Since the unit arrived at King’s facility last fall, it has been on a few jobs, but according to King should be rented frequently throughout the construction season.


Rob Rose, the Chicago Pneumatic Regional Sales Manager who worked with Joe King in integrating his first Chicago Pneumatic portable compressor says that the unit is indeed a good fit for King’s needs. “The CPS 185JD is our interim Tier 4 unit that has a number of important features that makes it a truly versatile machine,” says Rose. “For instance, the direct drive diesel engine increases fuel efficiency without decreasing power. In fact, many of the competitive units aren’t testing out as true 185 cfm machines – the Chicago Pneumatic CPS 185JD is a true 185 cfm unit.”



Additionally, The CPS 185JD features an easily accessible pressure adjustment knob, making it simple for the operator to increase or decrease pressure from the unit depending on the application. “For instance, a landscape contractor would not want to put 185 cfm through an irrigation system for a simple blowout procedure,” says Rose. “They would want to adjust the pressure to somewhere around 80 cfm for that kind of application.” According to Chicago Pneumatic, the CPS 185JD will eventually be replaced by a 185 cfm Tier 4 Final portable compressor sometime in 2015.


IMG_1064If you ask Joe King what’s next for King Equipment Rentals, you won’t get a firm answer, but according to King, “things are going really well,” and he and his team are focusing on continuing to provide quality equipment to contractors in the Southwest corner of North Carolina. His Chicago Pneumatic equipment will help him on his way, and simply put by King, “It’s one more quality piece of equipment that I can offer my customers.”