badger-contractor-rental-1Badger Contractors Rental & Supply, located in Madison, Wisconsin, has been renting, selling and servicing construction equipment for over 60 years. Now with two locations — the other being in Janesville — the company has earned a great reputation throughout southern Wisconsin as the premier dealer in the area.

The company, which was opened in 2002 by Chris and Brian Mueller as well as Ryan Christopherson, was not always named Badger Contractors Rental & Supply. It originally operated under the name A&E Equipment and was started by Chris and Brian’s father. A&E featured three branches in Madison, Appleton, and Green Bay before a rental business came in and bought it out in 1999.

“One of our customers bought a CPS 400 two years ago to replace our old brand and they told me that they are saving upwards of $100 a dayjust in diesel costs.”

Chris Mueller

Within a few years, they decided to close down numerous stores of theirs and shut down all three locations that they had just purchased. So in 2002, the Mueller brothers partnered with Ryan Christopherson and Badger Contractors Rental & Supply was born in the same location as A&E Equipment — 1501 Gilson Street. They serve the entire southern Wisconsin area. 

badger-contractor-rental-2Badger Contractors Rental serves a wide variety of contractors, from specialty contractors to general contractors of all sizes, large to small. They offer rental, sales, and full service of construction equipment and supplies for both residential and commercial use. While sales and rental services are available to the general public, the majority of their sales come from professional contractors.

Serving both the commercial and residential markets requires having an extensive inventory of equipment and tools. Badger Contractors Rental offers everything from air tools, compressors, lifting and moving equipment, to scaffolding, concrete equipment and supplies, electric tools, ladders, mixers, generators, core drills, and much more.

The company is always looking for the most cost-effective tool and equipment solutions for their customers, so Badger Contractors Rental began working with a local rep agency — one who reps Chicago Pneumatic (CP). Previously, Badger Contractors Rental primarily carried a certain manufactured brand of air tools and compressors for several years. But when the rep agency let them try CP tools, they immediately knew it was the right fit for their business and customers. They initially began offering CP’s brand of rivet busters, chipping hammers, and paving breakers.

Red Hawk Drill 3 qtrL Drill Bit Down“We switched to CP because of their great prices and overall performance we saw after trying out their tools,” Chris Mueller said. “From there it snowballed into the decision to switch to CP air compressors as well. We had seven compressors from a different manufacturer in our rental fleet and have since started phasing those out and replacing them with CP. We converted some of our customers to get on board too.”

Badger Contractors Rental immediately began selling and getting CP tools and compressors into the hands of bridge contractors, their biggest customers. After taking on the line, they sold two CPS 400 (CFM) JD iT4 compressors and two CPS 185 (CFM) KD T4F out of the gate to a bridge contractor. One of the 400 CFM compressors had a few minor issues out on the jobsite and it was at that time that Badger Contractors Rental knew they made the right choice with CP, not only because of their products, but the backing that CP provides as well.

“The 400 CFM compressor had a few problems, but that was when we recognized the incredible service that CP provides,” Chris Mueller said. “CP was extremely quick in resolving any issues that we had. In turn, the customer was so satisfied with the service and the way it was resolved that they ended up buying another CP compressor shortly afterward.”

Badger Contractors Rental & Supply RentalSince Badger Contractors Rental started offering CP products, customers have had great success with CP out on the jobsite. The compressors alone have saved money for their customers in comparison to past models offered in their lineup.

“One of the major things we hear from our customers with the new Tier 4 compressor models, especially the CPS 400 CFM units, is that the fuel savings have been phenomenal,” Chris Mueller said. “One of our customers bought a CPS 400 two years ago to replace our old brand and they told me that they are saving upwards of $100 a day – just in diesel costs.”

When you can offer your customers a range of top-quality equipment that helps them save money, you are well on your way. If you can offer that along with superior support, both as a dealer and from the manufacturer, customers are bound to line up out the door. Badger Contractors Rental & Supply has all of that and more. There is no doubt as to why they have been successful for over a decade, just as their father’s stores were before that.