Light Compaction

Greg Petherbridge, Product Manager for light compaction discusses features and benefits of CP’s product offering. To see more videos by Chicago Pneumatic, check out our Youtube Channel

ConExpo 2014

Even though we’re still a few months away from ConExpo – Con/Agg 2014, the entire CP team is getting pumped up. Be sure to come visit us at our booth in the Central Hall to check out all of the new products in our lineup, including the CP 1260 and CP 1290 pneumatic breakers, and the… Read more »

Proactive Maintenance Plan is Key to Compressor Longevity

By: Eric Massinon, Product Manager – Portable Energy We have all heard the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That could not be more relevant than when it is applied to your equipment; particularly portable air compressors. This equipment is typically used in dusty, harsh conditions – which… Read more »

Come On In, The Water’s Fine: RX Breaker Aquatic Application

From the rocky shores of the Des Plaines River, in Riverside, Illinois, the crew from Illinois Constructors Corporation sized up the dam that needed to be broken down. It wasn’t going to be easy – typically, heavy construction equipment and water are natural adversaries, but the fact remained that they needed an excavator equipped with… Read more »

Staking A Claim to Be The Premiere Tent Rental Company in Georgia

The fine folks from family-owned Macon Tent Rentals out of Macon, Georgia focus on setting the scene for special events like weddings, fundraisers, backyard barbecues and other social events. Not only are they tasked with making sure that the tent is properly secured at the venue, they are also charged with making sure that when… Read more »

Wintertime Respite For Troops and Families in Alaska’s Fort Greely

Fort Greely is nestled in the wilderness of central Alaska, about 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks. Known as one of the coldest areas in the state, the Fort Greely Army base now serves as an integral part of the nation’s extensive network of the Ballistic Mission Defense System (BMDS) and is classified by the U.S…. Read more »

Introducing the Newest Products in the CP Lineup

It’s not every day that we get to introduce a new member of the CP family of products, let alone four!   We’re thrilled to announce that the rugged and innovative CP 1260, and it’s beefier big brother, the CP 1290 handheld breakers, the rugged and durable CPS 185 JD portable compressor, and the CPS… Read more »

The Road To Greatness: A Case For Federal Infrastructure Funding

By: John Vogel, Executive Vice President, Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment It’s no secret that it has been a rough run for some manufacturers, dealers, and contractors alike for the last few years in the construction industry. Many factors contributed to the slump in the economy in general, and plenty of folks in this industry have… Read more »