Waterbury, Connecticut. Known affectionately as “The Brass City,” and famous for a 1,700-pound statue of Ben Franklin, Waterbury has received a facelift on an approximately ½ mile stretch of road thanks to Lynn Dayton and his Watertown-based construction company, Dayton Construction.


The 2,600 foot road reconstruction project covered a number of components including a new drainage structure, a new curb, and newsidewalk. Dayton Construction won the bid and got to work right away. To complete the scope of work, Dayton and his crew first needed to remove the rock in the existing drainage trench and break up and remove the old concrete road bed.


Dayton’s arsenal of heavy equipment included his heavy-duty Chicago Pneumatic rig-mounted breaker, the RX 45. The area in which work was to be completed was in a relatively high-traffic industrial business area, so safety and productivity were of the utmost importance for the project. “We chose the heavy-duty RX breaker so that we could finish the demo portions quickly,” explains Dayton.



“The RX 45 cut through the rock in the trench and concrete road bed like it was nothing,” adds Dayton. “I was pleased because I’m a firm believer that the success of a project often hinges on whether or not you have the right tools for the job.” The road reconstruction project ended up a success, and Dayton Construction finished on time and under budget. But this isn’t Dayton’s first rodeo – he has used breakers of all sizes and has used competitive breakers. According to Dayton, nothing tops the power and productivity of the RX line. “This RX 45 goes on the 80,000 pound carriers, but I’ve used all sizes of breakers, and this one sure does pack a punch.”


A big portion of Dayton Construction’s work comes from government projects, like this bridge demolition and drainage project for the city of Waterbury. As is consistently the case with government projects, bidding and estimation need to be spot on. Dayton believes that a well-planned project begins with selecting the right equipment, and that by selecting the incorrect equipment for the job, a contractor is setting himself or herself up for failure.


Not that Lynn Dayton needed much help, but right with him in the equipment selection process was Derek Bauer from Able Tool & Equipment, based in South Windsor, Connecticut. The two men agreed that although the RX 45 would deliver more than enough breaking power for the job, they wanted to increase their productivity on site, and opted for the larger breaker. By utilizing the heavy-hitting RX 45, the demolition was minimal. Weighing in at approximately 6,600 lb (3,000 kg), and delivering an impact rate of 380 – 580 blows per minute (bpm), Dayton and his breaker’s impressive 7,500 foot pounds of force made quick work of the demolition.


Thanks to the success of this project, Dayton and his crew will be coming back to the RX series of breakers from Chicago Pneumatic again and again. “There were no maintenance issues with the breaker whatsoever,” adds Dayton. He also notes that another important factor to consider was noise since they were working in such a high-traffic area. “We needed to be respectful of our surroundings, and the RX breaker was surprisingly quiet for it’s size.”