Edge Construction Supply, of Spokane, WA, has served the commercial construction and industrial markets of the Northwestern United States since 1949. Founded by Jesse Thomas, and originally known as Safway Supply, the business originally started as a scaffolding system distributor. Throughout the six-decade evolution of the construction market, additional tools and supply sales, rental and service became a key portion of their business. In 2007 Edge Construction Supply sold their scaffolding division, and have since focused on the distribution, rental and repair of construction tools and equipment.

With eight locations in the Northwest and Rockies, Edge Construction Supply has successfully expanded their business over the years by focusing on the needs of their customers and developing relationships with only the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.

John Cervelli, Vice President of Sales at Edge Construction Supply explains, “Introduction to the newest products is a key part of any successful training visit. We wouldn’t be able to provide the services that our clients have come to expect if it weren’t for our knowledgeable staff, and we pride ourselves in having built lasting relationships with some of the absolute best equipment manufacturers in the business.”

The importance of comprehensive sales training is not lost on Cervelli. With 18 years at the company, he has seen some manufacturers provide great training. In his opinion, “The greatest services that a manufacturer can offer distributors like us are informative and practical education and training programs,” Cervelli continues. “Our sales staff in Spokane recently received excellent training on some compressors and pneumatic tools from Chicago Pneumatic.”

Chicago Pneumatic sent out a team to answer questions and educate Edge’s staff on some of the subtleties of the newer equipment. Cervelli adds, “They went through all the details that made their products unique, and made sure that each staff member had enough hands-on experience and basic maintenance training to walk away with a thorough working knowledge of the equipment. That is the sort of service that can really drive sales and increase business.”

Derek B. Miller, Regional Sales Manager for Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment weighed in on the importance of on-site training, as well. “Offering comprehensive sales and service training is a fantastic way for manufacturers to reach out to their distributors, and to give them the hands-on experience and working knowledge of the product needed to drive sales. It’s also a great way to stay actively engaged within your distribution channels. We have seen the results of our training program payoff for our distribution partners.”

“It goes a long way when manufacturers offer special training and sales programs,” Cervelli concludes. “The in-depth product knowledge that results from these training programs can help set your sales and service staff apart in the marketplace, and can help distributors like us build the lasting customer relationships we need to help grow our business.”