We’ve always known that our breakers are stars – now we have proof.


IMG_8521On April 4th, CP’s own Greg Petherbridge and his arsenal of RX breakers stepped into the spotlight on national television as part of the brand new show from the National Geographic Channel called Showdown of the Unbeatables. The show pits engineering marvels against one another – in our case, an RX breaker went up against a concrete and ballistic steel-lined safe from California-based Brown Safe. We had 30 seconds to break into the safe, and if you want to know if the RX breaker was victorious or not – – well, you’ll have to check out the episode yourself!



“It was a great opportunity to showcase our products to the general public,” explained Greg Petherbridge, national sales manager for the RX breaker line. “I think that a lot of folks who aren’t involved in this industry see our equipment breaking up highways or working on building demolitions, and they don’t truly understand the passion that goes into manufacturing each and every Chicago Pneumatic breaker.”


Petherbridge, a 30-year plus industry veteran, represented Chicago Pneumatic and took the reigns as the official spokesman for CP during the show. The filming consisted of two individual video shoots. One session took place in Cleveland, Ohio

IMG_8543to get the backstory on the RX breakers and to show the breakers in action. The second portion of filming took place in Los Angeles, where Petherbridge and company squared off against the Brown Safe team.


The show was hosted by TV personalities Brian Unger and Zane Lamprey, who put their own unique flavor into the show. You may recognize Brian Unger from his roles in the Quicken Loans commercials, as host of How the States Got Their Shapes, or as the lawyer in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Zane Lamprey is a New York native famous for his role in Drinking Made Easy. The hosts align themselves with one of the contending products (CP’s advocate was Brian by the way), and the segment culminates with a “showdown.”


IMG_8553“Win, lose, or draw, it was great to be part of the process and get our products onto the national stage,” says Erin Crowe, marketing communications coordinator for CP North America. “The producers and camera crews really put us at ease during filming and took great care of us while we were out in Los Angeles.” The L.A. filming session took place outside of the city over the course of two days, and it should be mentioned that the “showdown” portion only puts non-competitive products up against each other. The producers, for instance, would not put a Chicago Pneumatic breaker up against the breaker of a competitive brand.


IMG_8780“All in all, it was a great experience, and we were happy not only to be part of the show, but also selected to be part of the series premiere episiode,” states Crowe. “The only regret I have was not bringing a jacket with me on the trip to Los Angeles,” Crowe says with a smile.


The perpetually sunny and warm City of Angels welcomed the CP team with rain, wind, and lows in the 40’s during the two days of the video shoot.


For more information on how to view the complete episode, visit channel.nationalgeographic.com.

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