AR120_front_sideFive new Chicago Pneumatic ride-on roller models are taking the market by storm. The ride-on line complements the existing light compaction line of rammers and plate compactors, offering contractors more solutions for varying applications. Backed by CP’s global network of support, the ride-on roller line is held to the same high-quality standards that contractors the world over have come to expect from Chicago Pneumatic.

Check out the five newest members to the CP family:

  • AR90G: Small Articulated Tandem Asphalt Roller (Gasoline)
  • AR100: Small Articulated Tandem Asphalt Roller (Diesel)
  • AR120: Compact Articulated Tandem Asphalt Roller
  • SR130D: Small Vibratory Soil Roller
  • SR130PD: Small Vibratory Soil Roller

SR130DAbout the AR90G and AR100
Utilized primarily for small-scale compaction work like patching, bicycle paths, small parking lots, and driveways, these articulated tandem asphalt rollers are designed for easy transport and operator usability. The AR90G is a gasoline version and features vibration on the front drum, with drive on both the front and rear drums. The diesel-driven AR100 comes with vibration and drive standard on both front and rear drums.

About the AR120
Designed for quiet operation in sensitive environments, the AR120 is most utilized on roadways in urban areas where compact size and noise-reduction technology are most important. Equipped with a Kubota® water-cooled diesel engine, the AR120 is powerful enough for medium-duty to heavy-duty applications, yet versatile and compact enough to be used on lighter-duty applications, as well.

SR130PDAbout the SR130D / SR130PD
Designed for compaction of pipe trenches while also keeping on-road shoulder work in mind, the strong welded frame and thick drum shell boost the longevity and reliability of the machine. The compact and manoeuvrable framework of the SR130 models allow for stability even on steep slopes. The PD version is equipped with pads and a drum drive, making it suitable for the compaction of silt and clay soils.

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