You may have heard or previously seen our Chicago Pneumatic slogan, which is People. Passion. Performance. That is something we truly aspire to and is something we display proudly and prominently. We believe that the three P’s all go hand-in-hand. Simply said, the phrase describes the way we operate, offering strong products backed by an outstanding sales and service support team.



Our slogan first starts with people, our people. We pride ourselves on our people. You would be hard-pressed to find a group that is as knowledgeable about not only our products but also the industries that we serve.


I am quite fond of quotes, and I recently heard one that I felt was impactful from Bill Nye, the famous scientist. He said, “Everyone you will ever meet, knows something that you don’t.” I believe this quote relates directly to our approach here at Chicago Pneumatic. We work collectively so that we can position ourselves as a whole unit of subject matter experts. Each and every one of us continually strives to better ourselves by not only continuing to learn more, but also continuing to listen to one another.

We’re not just talking about our internal team, either. An incredibly important piece to this puzzle includes our dealer and distributor partners, our rep groups and end-users of CP equipment. Simply put, if it weren’t for their dedication and loyalty to CP products, we would not be where we are today. It is, without a doubt, the people in our CP community that truly make what we do worth doing.



We do a lot of communicating back and forth, which includes many brainstorming and round table discussions. This is partly where the Passion in our motto comes from. It is easy to have these discussions because we have a passionate and knowledgeable team, who are all dedicated to the Chicago Pneumatic brand. We have many conversations—some that are tougher than others—but as a company, it is important to embrace the tough conversations and address them directly to ensure continued progress.

Something else that is important for us to do at Chicago Pneumatic is to be involved in our industry. I have worked with the AEM committees and have met some great folks working on ARA special interest groups. This is a reason that I recently accepted the nomination for the American Rental Association (ARA) Associate Member Director position. I have been selected by my peers to run for this position, and I am looking for your vote. I am running against the well-known and respected Sam Humphrey of Mi-T-M, and it will be no easy task to win this slot. But, in the end it is an honor to be nominated, and there are no losers during this campaign.




Performance is the third pillar of our motto and is something we do not achieve without People and Passion. Performance is a direct result of our people collaborating and creating product solutions to better suit the customer’s needs. For instance, the new MS595 and MS695 tampers that we released at The Rental Show this year were a solution that CP created based on direct feedback from customers. CP created a more sleek tamper to fit into the trenches, and still gave operators additional power over our previous models as well as outstanding fuel economy. This is just one recent example of our people putting their heads together to create a better performing machine for their customers.

At Chicago Pneumatic, we expect high quality performance from everything in our equipment lineup. Our people ensure that all of our products are tested rigorously before we introduce them to the field. I always enjoy talking to our customers, and something I hear often is how durable our equipment is. But, if something does break down, customers have come to find that we have a great network of distributors who are backed by CP’s strong support system. It is all part of the performance that people have come to expect from Chicago Pneumatic and again, is something that we pride ourselves on.

From all of us at Chicago Pneumatic, we hope that you have a great summer and sincerely thank you for your loyalty and continued support.




John Vogel