The RX8 breakers are ideal for light demolition, landscaping, building renovation and road construction. 

As is the case with all breakers in the RX series, the RX8 features innovative hybrid gas / oil technology, and fewer moving parts for a lower maintenance hydraulic breaker. With a state-of-the-art design, the RX line also incorporates noise and vibration dampening technology and a highly efficient internal control valve making the RX breakers some of the quietest and most powerful on the market today.

Our breakers feature a two-in-one design, as the cylinder and tool holder are one piece, eliminating strain and risk of seizures. A one-piece floating wear bush ensures maximum uptime and fast, easy field replacement, and a central lubrication point makes for quick and easy lubrication to reduce maintenance costs. 

The RX8 boasts an impact rate of up to 1,000 bpm. With a service weight of 816 pounds (380 kg), the RX8 is strong enough to handle a multitude of applications. It is specified for carriers with a capacity of 11,500 pounds to 26,500 pounds (Carrier Class 5.2-12 metric tons).