CPS 850 Air Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment has a network of independent manufacturer’s representatives (reps) who sell CP products to dealers, distributors, and rental houses in their respective regions. Manufacturer’s reps are a branch of our company and crucial to the success of CP, working closely with our sales managers to stay up-to-date on our products and product lines. Our Red Zone staff sat down with John Vogel, Executive Vice President at Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment to discuss the benefits of using manufacturer’s reps.

Q: Why does CP use manufacturer’s reps?

A: Our manufacturer’s reps are professional salespeople that have dedicated their career to selling products in a specific geographic region. At one point, most of these individuals have worked directly for a manufacturer. To their credit, they made the decision to become independent and take the risk to accept a straight commission for their efforts.

Q: What are the benefits of using manufacturer’s reps?

A: At CP, our directly-employed sales managers cover an average of 10 states and work in harmony with our 40-plus independent sales reps. The reps know their territory and customers like no factory-person can because of the relationships they have built within their area. Reps give us access to customers that on our own we would never reach and help build relationships that transcend beyond our product lines.

The key to working with manufacturer’s reps is treating them with the same respect as our own direct employees. When our reps are successful, it translates to our overall success, and is a win-win for all. I believe in investing in training, and while our products are not high tech, application knowledge is critical to our success. Our reps invest time and money to attend training sessions and trade shows to further their knowledge and our business. Our sales managers also make regular sales calls to support their efforts, keep them up to date on the latest developments, and answer any questions they may have.

Q: How big of a role do manufacturer’s reps play for CP?

A: Since moving to covering our main channels with manufacturer’s reps six years ago, our sales have grown by 400 percent. Turnover with our reps has been low and the strength of our rep partners has grown significantly. Together we are forging strong customer relationships that translate to sustainable and profitable growth.

Our goal, of course, is to be the rep group’s number one product line. I am in regular contact with our rep group principles and listen intently to their ideas as to how to improve our business.

We appreciate all that our manufacturer’s reps offer and look forward to continuing our growth with them by our side.


John Vogel

Chuck Frost of Trinity Equipment Solutions Inc., a Manufacturer’s Rep for the Past Six-Plus Years, Weighs in on Working With CP

Q: How is your relationship with Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment?

A: As a manufacturer’s rep, the relationships we have with our customers are the main key to our success, but equally important to that success, is the relationship we have with CP. CP’s team of management, regional sales, inside sales and tech support make it possible for us to effectively and efficiently provide our customers with industry-best products, service and support. The strength of this relationship is the foundation for profitable and lasting relationships with CP, customers, and our rep agency.

Q: Why do you feel that you have been successful with CP products? 

A: There are several factors that contribute to our group’s success with Chicago Pneumatic. First, CP’s premium products, recognizable brand, industry strength, and top-notch support, provide our rep agency with the confidence and tools to promote their products. Secondly, CP’s product breadth provides a wide range of products to fully support any customer’s construction tool needs, simplifying their purchasing process. Finally, CP’s products perform day in and day out, providing the customer with excellent distribution opportunities, high ROIs, and great resale value.

Pat DeVitto Sr. of Cardinal Sales, Discusses His Company Relationship with CP

Q: How is your relationship with Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment?

A: When Cardinal Sales considers representing a manufacturer, two things are paramount in our decision:

  1. Is the equipment high quality? After all, we are selling to the very demanding rental market, which is dependent on reliable equipment for their fleets.
  2. Is the company, in this case CP, dedicated to reps as their way to market their products? Do they understand what we do?

In both cases CP exceeds the aforementioned criterias.

Q: Why do you feel that you have been successful with CP products? 

A: We have been selling CP for almost six years and we are the highest volume rep group in the country. In part, this is because of the quality of the equipment and the support we receive from CP. We have worked with CP District Manager, Dmitri Cremo since the beginning. Our own sales team has had a turnover of one person in 18 years. I believe consistency wins in our business — no one wants to see different faces selling the same product year to year. John (Vogel) has assembled a strong, experienced marketing team and his leadership and active participation has allowed us to achieve an ever-increasing market share for Chicago Pneumatic.