There’s something nice about being first.


Ontario-based Staub Equipment knows that feeling well, as they are the first equipment provider in Canada to sign on as an authorized dealer for the brand new Chicago Pneumatic ride-on roller line. The ride-on roller models are exclusively available in North America.


Staub Equipment Inc. was established in 1989 and has been committed to supplying quality construction equipment sales and rentals, parts, and service to both contractors and municipalities in Ontario and across Canada. Specializing in providing road building equipment, CP’s line of ride-on rollers are right in their wheelhouse.


“We’re excited to get our first shipment at our facility, and get our customers behind the wheel,” explains Barry McFadyen, the point-man for sales and rentals at Staub Equipment. “We know that these ride-ons are going to give our customers a great solution for both asphalt and soil compaction.”




Staub Equipment is taking a tactical approach to carrying the full line of CP ride-on rollers. They have ordered one of each model to showcase at the store, and they are planning on selling / renting the equipment right off the floor. If their customers take to the new CP rollers the way that they are expecting they will, the second order of rollers will come soon after.


McFadyen also attributes the newfound partnership to both the Staub team and the CP team being in the right place at the right time. “We were looking to bring on new equipment lines, and we learned through the CP regional sales manager that they were now offering a new line of compaction equipment, and looking for representation in the area,” says McFadyen. “They are new to the roller game, but the product is not. The trusted (previously branded) Dynapac product combined with the support of Chicago Pneumatic made our decision an easy one.”


That CP regional sales manager to whom McFadyen refers is Jan Marcus, who is responsible for sales throughout Canada. “We now offer a product that is right up Staub Equipment’s alley, and we’re incredibly proud of the new partnership,” explains Marcus. “I’ve tested the rollers personally, and I know that they will not disappoint upon arrival to Staub Equipment.”


Part of Chicago Pneumatic’s sales strategy has been to capitalize on the reputation that Dynapac has made for itself for this particular line. The combination of a solid product backed by Chicago Pneumatic’s strong reputation of support in the construction industry is something that CP is not shying away from. As Marcus states, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”


This is also a jumping off point for McFadyen and Staub Equipment. This will be the first Chicago Pneumatic product line that they will offer, but they are looking to possibly expand into other lines including compressors and attachments if there’s a positive response from their end users.


McFadyen concludes simply “We just want the best equipment solutions to provide to our customers to help get the job done.”