Construction night jobs are only as efficient as the light towers on site. Koetter Construction, of Floyd Knobs, Indiana, is all too familiar, renting light towers regularly as their crew is often working from dusk to dawn.

Specializing in construction, real estate and building services, Koetter is one of the largest full service, design-build general contractors and commercial developers in southern Indiana and the greater-Louisville, Kentucky area. The contractor is regularly called upon for high profile and large jobs from manufacturing to retail, healthcare, recreational and more.

Pouring Concrete is No Walk on the Beach

Koetter was recently hired to build a 140,000 sq. ft. warehouse for Beach Mold and Tool — a $23 million expansion in New Albany, Indiana. The building is adjacent to the business’ existing 550,000-sq. ft. manufacturing and assembly facility. Koetter poured concrete in the early hours of the morning, beginning at 2:30 A.M. delivering up to 175 yards per hour.

Located in New Albany Industrial Park, the expansion was close to a few residential neighborhoods. With this in mind, the Koetter team wanted to be considerate and keep noise to a minimum. This influenced the company’s rental decisions with dealer Jacobi Sales when searching for light towers used at Beach Mold and Tool.

“Being in such close proximity, neighbors were definitely a concern,” says Mark Gentry, concrete supervisor at Koetter. “Light towers can be loud and are constantly running through the night, so we wanted four models with suppressed sound. Jacobi Sales showed us the Chicago Pneumatic (CP) CPLT V4 units, which were quiet and perfect for the job.”

Robust and Efficient Metal Halides

The CPLT V4 light tower features a heavy-duty polyethylene cover to minimize sound. A 28-gallon fuel tank offers long fuel autonomy, allowing the machine to run for 50 hours of operation without needing to refuel.

“We used the CP light towers for several days and they were easy to use and set up, but the best part was they burn little fuel,” says Gentry. “When you are pouring concrete for eight-plus hours every day, it makes a huge difference to be able to just quickly set and forget the light towers until you need to shut off the units.”

“The CP light towers have performed very well — we have had no failures since they came in our lineup three years ago and the lights shine brightly,” says Dave Heck, rental manager at Jacobi Sales. “Our customers rent them frequently, so it says a lot about these light towers that we haven’t had any issues.”

Breaking Through the Fog

A recent project in Jeffersonville, Indiana, featured the Koetter crew constructing a new facility for Knapheide Manufacturing Co. This project included building a 75,000-sq. ft. structure with an 80,000-sq. ft. parking lot.

Gentry and his team were pouring late into October with dropping temperatures. Fog rolled in on a few occasions, but Gentry recalls one particular night where it would have been too heavy to properly do their jobs. Fortunately, following their positive experience on the Beach Mold and Tool project, they decided to rent the CPLT V4 units again.

“The temperature dropped quickly that night,” says Gentry. “Those towers worked really well and the one we had set up in the wash-out area was even visible, despite such thick fog. The CP models are also easily movable, which was especially important on a night like that to position them where we needed them to help break through the fog.”

Most jobs are difficult to perform in the dark. Whether you are pouring concrete or breaking it, visibility is a necessity. Light tower technology is evolving. Today’s units are durable, can withstand extreme conditions, offer great visibility, run quietly and are fuel-efficient.

Koetter Construction continues to succeed with the power of CP lighting up each job along the way.