IMG_4808The fine folks from family-owned Macon Tent Rentals out of Macon, Georgia focus on setting the scene for special events like weddings, fundraisers, backyard barbecues and other social events. Not only are they tasked with making sure that the tent is properly secured at the venue, they are also charged with making sure that when it comes to the ambiance of the event, everything is just right.


Having been in operation for over four decades certainly helps, and the crew at Macon Tent Rentals simply knows what it takes to provide that idyllic setting for their customers.


“We always try to make sure we’re delivering exactly what our customers want,” explains Jeff Holloway, Operations Manager for Macon Tent Rentals. “Most people have a very specific vision for what they want their special day to look like, and when that vision includes an outdoor event with a tent, we make sure we listen and deliver. After all, I’ve been in the business long enough to know that you don’t want to upset a bride on her wedding day,” Holloway adds with a smile.


Helping the crew at Macon Tent Rentals in creating a beautiful environment for their customers are the hard-hitting Chicago Pneumatic handheld breakers. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating the perfect environment for each particular event, and the stake-driving breakers certainly play an important role in keeping the operating costs low.




Gone are the days of manually driving stakes with a sledgehammer, and with his arsenal of Chicago Pneumatic handheld breakers, Holloway and his crew can make quick work of setting stakes for the tents. “Some of our bigger tents require over 100 stakes to be set into the ground,” says Holloway. “Luckily, technology exists so that we don’t have to do that by hand. We can typically drive a stake a minute with our CP 30-pound breaker.”


According to Holloway, utilizing the Chicago Pneumatic line of breakers has allowed him to cut his man-hours drastically, by removing one man from the stake-driving team. “Normally, you’re looking at three people to drive stakes,” says Holloway. “Using these breakers, we are able to re-allocate one man to work on a different task in the setup process, like installing the center posts, or spreading out the tent itself. It just makes the whole operation more efficient, which cuts down on our costs.”


tentHolloway is pleased with the way his CP handheld tools have made his operation more efficient. In fact, he liked his CP 0112 so much that he recently made the sound investment in a CP 1230 and a CP 1240 for heavier-duty jobs. It’s good timing too, because Macon Tent Rentals is looking into diversifying their services. “Right now, we focus primarily on setting up tents for special events,” explains Holloway. “That being said, it’s in the plans to eventually start expanding our services to include fence installation – an activity that would certainly require a handheld breaker of some kind,” he adds.


This isn’t Holloway’s first rodeo. In fact, he’s tried out other breakers in the past, and always comes back to his Chicago Pneumatic equipment, claiming it’s more efficient, easier to handle than competitive brands, and more reliable. “Other than routine maintenance, I simply have not had to put any additional time or money into my breakers. They’re just versatile and reliable products – easy as that,” explains Holloway.


Being in the business of creating a perfect environment for his customers isn’t easy, but by using the right tools, Holloway and his crew will continue to provide exceptional service to customers across the state of Georgia for many years to come.


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