Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Saying goodbye to bad maintenance habits. Greg Petherbridge discusses the importance of proper rig-mounted breaker maintenance and how the impact it has on machine life and a company’s bottom line.

Making a Mole Hill out of a Mountain

If moving mountains were easy, it wouldn’t be an expression. When Latona Trucking and Excavating, an excavation contractor based in Pittston, PA., was awarded a job that required scaling back a mountain on Route 309 between Mountain Top and Wilkes-Barre, PA., they knew they were in for a steep challenge. To put it simply, it isn’t every day you blow up part of a mountain.

Dayton Construction and RX Breaker Give A “Brass City” Road a Facelift

Waterbury, Connecticut. Known affectionately as “The Brass City,” and famous for a 1,700-pound statue of Ben Franklin, Waterbury has received a facelift on an approximately ½ mile stretch of road thanks to Lynn Dayton and his Watertown-based construction company, Dayton Construction.   The 2,600 foot road reconstruction project covered a number of components including a… Read more »

Come On In, The Water’s Fine: RX Breaker Aquatic Application

From the rocky shores of the Des Plaines River, in Riverside, Illinois, the crew from Illinois Constructors Corporation sized up the dam that needed to be broken down. It wasn’t going to be easy – typically, heavy construction equipment and water are natural adversaries, but the fact remained that they needed an excavator equipped with… Read more »