MikeRentals, Inc.

CP hydraulic breakers are tough. In addition to that, they offer reliable performance and heavy hitting in a wide range of applications. For MikeRentals, Inc., those factors led the company to buy additional CP equipment.

MikeRentals, Inc., of Sikeston, Missouri, is a general tool and equipment rental company. The company opened for business in 2000 with the purpose of providing the highest quality inventory and customer service possible to Sikeston and eight other surrounding communities.

There are a couple of key factors to which owner Mike McReynolds credits the company’s success. First, he and his team treat their equipment with a healthy dose of TLC after it returns from each job to keep inventory in top working order. Additionally, they take a proactive approach to upgrading their fleet so that they always have the latest and greatest equipment to offer their customers. Because of their maintenance program and consistent equipment upgrades, they have a used equipment catalog that is incredibly successful.

Even with a proactive maintenance plan, there is one piece of equipment that has taken good care of itself without requiring a lot of maintenance: the CP breaker. The rental dealer has three CP RX4 breakers and one RX2 breaker. McReynolds purchased the breakers in November 2012 and has only needed to do routine maintenance since.

According to McReynolds, rental store customers can tend to be a little rougher with their equipment and this is especially true for the CP breakers.

“The RX4 gets rented from us quite frequently,” says McReynolds. “We have one customer in particular who has used this breaker on a number of challenging jobs and the breaker has taken its fair share of abuse. Still, everything is in optimum condition on this unit. It just goes to show you how well these CP breakers are manufactured.”

To date, the only maintenance that MikeRentals completed was replacing the bushings that they ordered this past February.

“We weren’t experiencing any problems at all with the CP breakers, but I felt that some maintenance should be done on them and my team agreed,” adds McReynolds. “No one could believe that we had not already done that. We grease them religiously and it seems to have made a world of difference in prolonging any maintenance to the breakers.”

Since purchasing the units in 2012, MikeRentals rented them out nearly 250 times for anywhere from two days to two months. McReynolds claims that his customers have had a great deal of success with these CP breakers.

“Customers have loved these breakers and we rent them out all the time,” says McReynolds. “They are extremely versatile for a number of applications. Between our customers and us, we have had zero issues with the breakers — we could not be more pleased with them.”

For McReynolds, the durability factor in his breakers led him to buy additional CP products from his manufacturer’s representative group, Trinity Equipment Solutions. Those products included walk-behind plate compactors first and tampers not long after.

MikeRentals has found success by providing solutions to do-it-yourselfers, and small and large construction customers since opening its doors in 2000. According to McReynolds, it all starts with a proactive approach: from preventative maintenance efforts on all equipment to continually looking for new and improved equipment.

When you put customers first, word tends to get around all by itself. It takes hard work, but Mike McReynolds is not looking to change their company’s philosophy any time soon. After 16 years in business, McReynolds has plenty of evidence to know he is running a successful business: the happy customers he sees all the time.