Argo Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are a modern marvel on their own, but couple that with Chicago Pneumatic’s handheld hydraulic breakers and power packs, and you have a machine that can go anywhere and bust through anything.

And that’s just what the fine folks at Ontario Drive & Gear and Argo did.

photo 16 with dust smaller sizeFounded in 1962, Ontario Drive & Gear operates from a 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility where, in addition to providing superior quality gears, transmissions, and couplings, they also manufacture the Argo – a world leader in amphibious vehicles. The Argo UTV provides an innovative vehicular solution to a number of industries, including utility, oil & gas, mining, forestry, spraying, and rental. As the name suggests, Ontario Drive & Gear is based in New Hamburg, Ontario.

“Often times, especially in our neck of the woods, people have to travel well into the wilderness to do a variety of things, including work on gas pipelines, power lines, environmental efforts, cable lines, logging operations, eco-tourism, or even spraying for mosquitoes,” explains Shawn Brodie, Technical Training & Application Specialist at Ontario Drive & Gear. “Our UTVs and ATVs make sure that folks can get out to those remote locations to get any job done.”

According to Brodie, an Argo 8×8 XTI was just recently fitted with a mounting plate on which to harness a Chicago Pneumatic power pack to supply energy to handheld hydraulic tools, among other things. The unit itself is an 8-wheel drive amphibious model, featuring a 30hp Kohler Aegis LH 775 electronic fuel-injected engine, which in layman’s terms means this thing can go anywhere. “When we specifically outfit our vehicles with the Chicago Pneumatic power packs, Argos work as both a mode of transportation and as a portable power supply,” adds Brodie. “It really kills two birds with one stone, while still leaving less of a footprint on the environment than traditional methods, which would involve a large truck having to blaze a trail to the work area.”

Argo UTVs are among the best in the industry when it comes to leaving a relatively small impact on the environment, leaving no toxic traces behind. The fully-sealed body ensures that all fluids are well contained to minimize the impact on soil and water, and the design and placement of the exhaust and electrical systems minimize any risk of a fire hazard in dry vegetation areas.

Jack hammer 1 smaller sizeSpecifically for the Chicago Pneumatic equipped Argo, customers of Argo and Ontario Drive & Gear are finding innovative uses for them, including pipeline construction and maintenance, support for drilling and mining efforts, and assisting in the establishment of renewable energy sources in remote areas. “Basically, the reliable and compact energy of Chicago Pneumatic’s power packs, coupled with the Argo’s innovative, go-anywhere design, provides a solution for folks who need to work in remote areas of the world,” adds Brodie. “In fact, one of the reasons we have chosen to partner with Chicago Pneumatic is because the quality of their products simply shows through in everything they do. People who would use a rig like the Chicago Pneumatic-equipped Argo need to know that when they’re miles away from civilization, they can rely on the power they need to finish the job.”

The option of adding a Chicago Pneumatic power pack and full line of handheld hydraulic tools to the 8×8 XTI is already being offered to customers, and will prove to be a useful solution for work in remote places. “And it’s one more extremely important tool that we can offer our customers,” adds Brodie with a smile.