R.B. U’Ren Equipment has served Western New York and surrounding areas since 1929 and continues to keep generating more and more business throughout the years. This is due in large part because they are one of the largest independent generator houses on the east coast.

CP2WEBFounded by Richard B. U’Ren Sr., the company started out as U’Ren Sound and Power Systems. They originally rented out public address systems, generators and searchlights. Once Richard (Dick) U’Ren Jr. bought the business from his father, he changed the name to R.B. U’Ren Equipment Rental. He stopped renting public address equipment and started to grow their resources with aerial lifts, scissor and fork lifts. Richard (Rick) K. U’Ren currently leads the company as the third generation U’Ren president.

The U’Ren’s are and always have been innovators of their own right in the equipment landscape. Dick was one of the first ever to mount a 100 kW generator into a designed custom built bucket truck in 1955 and was also the first to rent emergency generators to the public. To this day, emergency generators have been instrumental in restoring cities after big storms, as well as blackouts.

“Our family-owned company is very proactive and we are always researching and looking for solutions to help our customers do their jobs more affectively and efficiently,” said Rick U’Ren. “Generators have been a huge part of our business since day one and continue to be, but we have grown and adapted over the years and now offer quite a large selection of equipment for our customers.”

It was that proactive approach that led them to Chicago Pneumatic generators back in 2013. They ultimately decided to see what the Chicago Pneumatic CPG 120 could do on a trial run basis. During that time, it just so happened that one of R.B. U’Ren’s clients was without power at an unmanned site. The company is an engineering, construction, technical, and management service firm, and needed to maintain power day-in and day-out, 24 hours, seven days a week because they were running dewatering pumps, among other electrical needs. R.B. U’Ren decided to give the CPG 120 a shot and in mid-April 2013, they tested their brand new generator out on the unmanned site.

photo-6WEB“We originally had another manufacturer’s unit at the site, but it was not doing the job like we needed it to,” said U’Ren. “What they needed was a generator that offered 110 percent spill containment, a clean burning machine, and something that just nibbled on the fuel. We decided to give the CPG 120 a try and it has been running every minute ever since.”

As of January, the CPG 120 had thousand’s of hours logged on it, with little downtime and has been very fuel-efficient. R.B. U’Ren offers a refueling service that goes out to the site every other day to top it off with fuel, which the generator is averaging at 2.3 gallons/hour.

After seeing how reliable the CPG 120 has been, R.B U’Ren has since decided to take on additional Chicago Pneumatic compressors, generators, and light towers.

For a piece of equipment that was simply put to use on a trial run basis, the CPG 120 keeps proving each and every minute just how valuable it is.