DmitriCremo_JohnBasille_WEBNew York is such a big city that it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle, but small business owner, founder, and president of Total Tool Rental, John Basile, has certainly made a name for himself and his small business throughout the area.

It has not always been an easy road for Total Tool Rental, located in Brooklyn; it took Basile sweat equity, perseverance, long hours, and a pure passion for equipment. The recession was tough on all businesses, but even more so for small businesses like Total Tool Rental. The company survived their way through it with Basile leading the way.

With a great knowledge of tools, Basile has a proactive approach to finding new equipment, allowing his customers to have additional solutions, which has helped create his company’s brand on the rental market. Total Tool Rental serves mainly the construction market and that market includes the five New York boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. That is quite a lot of territory to cover, especially for a company of 15 employees.

TTR Store“We mostly work with municipal contractors, private contractors, union, non-union, and roadway municipal contractors,” said Basile. “They have a wide range of needs and we are here to provide the tools and equipment that can help them get the job done efficiently.”

Always looking to update their equipment lineup, Total Tool Rental learned about Chicago Pneumatic after regional sales manager Dmitri Cremo discussed CP’s capabilities with Basile.

“I have a really good relationship with their sales rep Dmitri and he brought in his Chicago Pneumatic equipment for a trial run basis,” said Basile. “We proved their products to be reliable and that is really how our relationship with CP started. CP has a number of different equipment lines and we just continued purchasing and expanding into all of their lines. We now feature a full CP line of equipment.”

That full CP lineup includes compaction, compressors, hydraulic hammers and pneumatic air tools within their rental fleet as well as on their retail side of the business. Most recently they purchased the MR7000 26-inch walk-behind roller and the MV500 reversible plate compactors.

Black and with image CP 1260 S SPDR“We really like the dependability of the CP product line and the profits that they generate,” said Basile. “We have been selling a lot of compaction and my customers say the compaction line is one of the best that they have had. Customers really like the small plate compactors, especially because of how easy they transport with the mounted wheel kit. They are very easy to maneuver.”

As the construction industry continues to grow, so too does Total Tool Rental. The rental industry is in as good of shape as ever with equipment rentals poised to hit $40 billion in 2015, which makes it the fifth year of double-digit growth.

“The New York construction market is absolutely booming,” Basile said. “There is somewhat of a construction renaissance going on in our area. It seems to be growing every year and the forecast is looking very good.”

For a small business, Total Tool Rental has left little doubt that they are a big player in New York City.