QLT-M10-Wuxi_4_recoloredCP-WEBCP Launches New Light Tower

Chicago Pneumatic recently introduced the CPLT M10 KD4 to the market. The new light tower is ideal for construction and mining work, sporting events and emergency applications. Featuring a Kubota EPA Tier 4 engine coupled with a Mecc Alte 6 kW generator, the tower offers a high luminosity of up to 36,358 square yards and provides ample power with the four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps. Contractors will be able to go days without the need to refuel with a 30-gallon fuel tank that ensures 60-70 hours of run time, depending on environmental conditions. For more information, visit www.cp.com.


John Vogel Running for ARA Associate Member Director

John Vogel, Chicago Pneumatic Executive Vice President, is responsible for the Chicago Pneumatic brand and the support team of customer service, sales management, marketing, and independent manufacturer representatives. Vogel was selected by his peers and is campaigning to be the next American Rental Association (ARA) Associate Member Director, atwo-year term that would begin February 2016. He has more than 35 years of experience with the rental industry, unnamedincluding activity in the United States, Canadian and Central American markets. Vogel is running opposite of Sam Humphrey of Mi-T-M. Ballots will be mailed in July to the designated voting representatives (all ARA general members and associate members are eligible to vote), with the election result to be announced in September. Should John be elected to the position, he would have the responsibility of representing associate member perspectives and interests as they relate to the ARA.

“Sam is well known and respected in our industry, and it will be no easy task to win this slot. But, in the end it is an honor to be nominated by my peers, and there are no losers during this campaign,” Vogel said. “From the very start of my career in the construction industry, I have been involved with the rental industry. Election to the ARA Board of Directors would be a capstone career achievement, and if elected, I would look forward to making a valuable contribution to the association and the industry.”

Chicago Pneumatic has been an ARA Associate Member since 2008, and will exhibit at The Rental Show in 2016 for the 8th year.